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4 Layer ENIG Taconic PCB Boards RF35

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Layers: 4
Materials:Taconic PCB Boards RF-35
Surface finish: ENIG
Min. hole diameter: 0.8mm
Minimum Line W/S:12/12mil
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Taconic PCB manufacturing services

Taconic PCB boards are a leading supplier to the food processing industry by pioneering the manufacture of Taconic PCB boards PTFE-coated fabrics and other high temperature/non-stick materials. Taconic PCB boards also offer a variety of coating materials, including tapes, fabrics and belts for a variety of industrial applications.

Microwave and RF PCB applications require laminates with electrical, thermal, mechanical, or performance characteristics that exceed those of standard FR-4 materials. Taconic PCB boards, Arlon PCB boards, Teflon PCB boards, Rogers PCB boards, Nelco PCB boards are microwave/RF PCB boards materials.

There is no doubt that printed circuit boards are an indispensable part of the production of electronic products. Over the years, these boards have met the needs of engineers. The Taconic PCB boards are one of these PCBs. These Taconic PCB boards have various advantages and features that make them unique.

Taconic PCB boards laminates are used for high performance and high frequency applications. Taconic PCB boards are committed to meeting the needs of the global market. It does this by providing a high frequency Taconic PCB boards PTFE laminate material.

Taconic PCB boards are printed circuit boards manufactured using Taconic PCB materials. These Taconic PCB boards materials are ceramic-filled teflon and woven glass reinforcement. These Taconic PCB boards are suitable for RF applications in the communications and aerospace industries. This printed circuit board has low dielectric and electrical losses, making it ideal for a variety of applications. The board is designed to meet the growing demands of the electronic world. Taconic PCB boards have a wide range of dielectric values.

Taconic PCB boards are a well-known brand of RF laminates. It provides printed circuit boards for manufacturing high performance digital boards, multilayer RF and other electronic devices. Taconic PCB boards laminates can be milled, plated, and cut using standard methods.

Type of Taconic PCB Boards Laminate 

Taconic offers a variety of high frequency laminates. Each of these laminates offers excellent performance and advantages. Let's look at the types of Taconic PCB boards laminates available

Taconic PCB Boards RF-35

This is a laminate from Taconic PCB boards. The laminate is ceramic filled and reinforced with woven glass. It is ideal for high performance applications such as antennas, power amplifiers and passive components.

This laminate is the perfect solution for RF and microwave applications. It has the characteristics of low dissipation factor, low hygroscopicity and excellent dimensional stability. Taconic PCB boards RF 35 PCB is RoHS compliant. This laminate is compatible with a variety of hybrid structures.

Engineers combined the Taconic RF-35 with a hybrid multilayer board. The combination of these advanced materials will help improve reliability.

Taconic PCB boards CER 10

This is another excellent laminate from Taconic. It is a ceramic-filled laminate reinforced with fiberglass. The Taconic PCB boards CER 10 has weld-resistance and uniform electrical properties. This laminate is used in a variety of applications such as couplers, power amplifiers, filters, and passive components.

The Taconic PCB boards CER 10 has an interlaminar plate that covers one or both sides. This size stable laminate is ideal for high volume and low cost applications. The laminate was tested for flammability. The Taconic PCB boards CER 10 is clad in brass, aluminium or copper.

This laminate has excellent thermal and mechanical properties. It is also ideal for microwave design. The Taconic PCB boards CER 10 has flexural strength and low moisture absorption.

Taconic PCB boards tly-5

Taconic PCB boards TacT-5 is manufactured by Taconic. These taconic PCB boards laminates have dimensional stability and uniform permittivity. Their permittivity is measured at 2.20 and 0.0050 is their dielectric thickness. Taconic PCB boards TLY-5 is used in applications such as power amplifiers, aerospace, cellular communications, automotive radar, and satellite communications.

Materials such as aluminium, copper and brass are used to coat this laminate. Thus the laminate is reinforced with woven glass. It is typically used for low-cost applications that require high performance. This size stable material has been tested for flammability.

Taconic PCB boards tly-5A

Taconic PCB boards tly-5A is a size-stable high frequency pcb laminate. This laminate provides the lowest loss factor among taconic laminates. Taconic PCB boards PTFE are the material used to coat this laminate. It is also reinforced with woven glass like other taconic PCB boards laminates.

This laminate can be used in a variety of applications such as aerospace, power amplifiers, satellite communications and automotive radar industries. This laminate has low water absorption and high peel strength. It also has a low dielectric constant. Taconic PCB boards tly-5A can be used for mixed builds.

Basic Characteristics Of Taconic PCB Boards Materials

In general, high frequency can be awkward as a frequency above 1GHz. Many high frequency printed circuit board(PCB) substrates are designed with fluoro dielectric substrates, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It is often applied at 5GHz or more. In addition, there are FR4 or PPO substrates, which can be used for products between 1GHz and 10GHz. The physical properties of these three high frequency substrates are compared as follows:

At present, epoxy resin, PPO resin and fluorine-based resin are the three kinds of frequency extension substrate materials, the cost of epoxy resin is the cheapest, while fluorine-based resin is the most expensive; In terms of dielectric constant, dielectric loss, water absorption and frequency characteristics, fluorine resin is the best, while epoxy resin is the worst. When the product application frequency is higher than 10GHz, only fluorinated resin PCB can be suitable. Obviously, fluorinated resin high frequency substrate performance is far superior to other substrates, but its shortcomings in addition to high cost is poor rigidity, and large thermal expansion coefficient. For polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), in order to improve the performance of a large number of inorganic materials (such as Si02) or glass cloth as reinforced filling materials, to improve the substrate rigidity and reduce its thermal expansion. 

In addition, due to the molecular inertia of ptfe resin itself, it is not easy to combine with copper foil, so it needs special surface treatment to combine with copper foil. There are chemical etching or plasma etching on the surface of ptfe to increase the surface roughness or add a layer of adhesive film between copper foil and taconic PCB boards PTFE resin to improve the binding force, but it may have an impact on the performance of the medium. The development of the whole fluorine taconic PCB boards, It is necessary to cooperate with raw material suppliers, research institutes, equipment suppliers, taconic PCB boards manufacturers and communication product manufacturers to keep up with the rapid development of hf circuit board field.