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2 Layer ENIG Taconic PCB RF35

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Layers: 2
Materials:Taconic PCB RF-35A-0300-C1/CU3mm
Surface finish: ENIG
Minimum Line W/S:8/8mil
Min. hole diameter: 0.9mm
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2 Layer ENIG Taconic PCB RF35 Details

Application of Taconic PCB

1. Taconic PCB is suitable for electrical insulating materials and linings, supporting sliders, guide rail seals and lubricating materials for electrical insulating materials and contacting corrosive media.

2. It is used for rich cabinet furniture in light industry. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dye containers, storage tanks, reactors, large pipeline anticorrosion lining materials;

3. Heavy industry, such as aviation and military; machinery, construction, traffic bridge, slide block, guide rail; anti sticking materials for printing and dyeing, light industry, textile industry, etc

Characteristics Of Taconic PCB Board

High Efficiency

High frequency circuit board with small dielectric constant, loss will be very small, and advanced induction heating technology can achieve the needs of the target heating, very high efficiency. Of course, while paying attention to efficiency, it also has the characteristics of environmental protection, which is very suitable for the development direction of today's society.


Since the transmission speed is inversely proportional to the square root of the permittivity, the smaller the permittivity, the faster the transmission speed. This is the advantage of high frequency circuit board, it uses special materials, not only to ensure the characteristics of low dielectric constant, but also maintain stable operation, for signal transmission is very important.

Large Degree Of Regulation

Hf circuit boards are widely used in various industries. For example, the high-frequency printed circuit board(PCB) of precision metal material heating processing needs, in the process of its field, not only can realize the heating of different depths of parts, but also can focus on the local characteristics of heating, whether it is surface or deep, centralized or decentralized heating mode, can be easily completed.

Strong Tolerance

Dielectric constant and media have certain requirements on the environment, especially in the south, wet weather will seriously affect the use of circuit boards. The high frequency circuit board made of extremely low water absorption material can challenge such an environment, but also has the advantages of chemical corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance and great peel strength, so that the high frequency circuit plays a strong performance.