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2 Layer Imm Tin Taconic PCB TLA6

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Layers: 2
Materials:Taconic TLA-6-0300-CL1/CL1
Thickness:0.8 mm
Surface finish: Imm Tin
Minimum Line W/S:10/10mil
Min. hole diameter: 0.8mm
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2 Layer Imm Tin Taconic PCB TLA6 Details

Handling of Taconic PCB PTFE Laminates

Taconic PCB PTFE is a thermoplastic material which is very stable electrically and chemically when compared with common thermosetting resins such as epoxy,polyphenyleneoxide, polyimide and cyanate ester.Part of what gives Taconic PCB  PTFE its superior performance over frequency and temperature also makes the pure resin relatively soft. It is for this reason that all Taconic PCB laminates are reinforced with glass fabric.The glass fabric reinforcement of the substrate greatly increases stability in the X and Y axis over non-woven or unreinforced Taconic PCB PTFE products. While the glass fabric provides excellent dimensional stability, the following process and handling precautions should be taken to prevent damage or deformation of the laminate durin fabrication.


・ Do not mechanically scrub the Taconic PCB PTFE material

As with thin core orflexible substrates, mechanically scrubbing will stretch and deform the Taconic PCB PTFE material.The pinch rollers used to secure the panel during scrubbing will also cause dents as particle or brush material are pressed into the surface of the laminate. Chemical cleaning is much preferred.Eliminating mechanical cleaning and unnecessary handling will improve the dimensional accuracy of subsequent processes by preventing mechanical distortion of the laminate.



 Do not pick up a panel horizontally by one end or edge

By allowing the Taconic PCB PTFE material to flop over you may stretch the copper and substrate. Lift the panel by two parallel edges; preferably the two closest dime nsion ally.


 Prevent contaminant deposits on the Taconic PCB PTFE material or copper

The use of clean protective gloves and slip sheets will prevent contamination and staining. You will not need to remove oils, grease or fingerprints if you don't deposit them.


 Do not mechanically abrade the Taconic PCB PTFE surface after etching/removing the copper

If left undisturbed, the Taconic PCB PTFE surface is very good for adhesion of solder mask, prepreg and bonding adhesive withou further preparation. The etched surface of the Taconic PCB PTFE is very wettable due to the rough tooth structure left behind after cooper removal. If the surface becomes disturbed, further surface preparation using sodium or plasma etching can improve wettability and adhesion to the surface.


Do not stack panels directly on top of each other

Particles or debris on the surface of the panel can become imprinted into the copper and substrate of adjacent panels. The preferred method of storage is to rack the panels vertically.If panels must be stacked use clean, soft, slip sheet Taconic PCB PTFE material between each panel and keep stack height to a minimum.