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4 Layer ENIG Ro4350 Rogers PCB

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Layers: 4
Materials:Ro4350B Rogers PCB
Min. hole diameter: 0.3mm
Surface Treatment:ENIG
Minimum Line Width:0.165mm
Minimum Line Space:0.124mm
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4 Layer ENIG Ro4350 Rogers PCB Details

RO4350 Rogers PCB Manufacturers

RO4350 Rogers PCB materials is a proprietary braided glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic material with the electrical properties of PTFE/braided glass and the maneuverability of epoxy/glass.  The use of high frequency Rogers PCB materials is imperative when it comes to creating PCBs for critical applications that particularly need low signal loss as well as low dielectric loss.   Such material is also the need of the hour when signal integrity and impedance matching are of utmost importance.  A professional Rogers PCB manufacturers. We have the technical expertise and Rogers PCB materials to develop a customized Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that would satisfy your particular demands.   Contact us for your Rogers PCB manufacturers!

Advantages Of RO4350 Rogers PCB

  • Rogers PCB Suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

  • Rogers PCB showed significantly less water absorption and improved thermal management.

  • The coefficient of thermal expansion of the Rogers PCB material is similar to that of copper, which provides dimensional stability.

  • Rogers PCB Good impedance control.

  • It is very cost effective in rogers PCB manufacturers.

  • Rogers PCB With low dielectric loss, low signal loss.

Difficulties in RO4350 Rogers PCB processing

1. Rogers PCB processing copper sink, the hole wall is not easy to copper

2. Rogers PCB processing control of graphic transfer, etching, line width line notch and sand hole

3. Rogers PCB processing green oil process, control the adhesion and foaming of green oil

4. Rogers PCB processing strictly control the scratch of the board surface in each process.

Application of Ro4350 Rogers PCB

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