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6 Layer Rogers 4000+FR4 Mixed Lamination PCB

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Layers: 6
Surface finish: ENIG
Materials: Rogers4350+FR4 Hybrid PCB
Outer Layer W/S: 7/7mil
Inner layer W/S: 5/5mil
Thickness: 2.3mm
Min. hole diameter: 0.6mm
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6 Layer Rogers 4000+FR4 Mixed Lamination PCB Details

Rogers PCB 4000 Series Parameters

The R04000 series hf circuit board materials are constructed from fiberglass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic substrates (not PTFE) designed for high-performance, high-volume commercial markets.

R04000 series materials are characterized by high frequency performance and low cost of PCB production. It has a low loss and similar processing process to ordinary epoxy/glass woven fabric (FR4), so it is very competitive in price.

When the circuit operates at frequencies above 500MHz, the range of materials available to the design engineer is greatly reduced. The R04000 series of materials allow rf engineers to easily design circuits, such as repetitive design of filters, network matching, impedance control of transmission lines, etc. Due to its low dielectric loss characteristics, R04000 series materials are superior to ordinary circuit materials in high frequency applications. Its dielectric constant temperature coefficient is the lowest among similar materials, and its dielectric constant is quite stable over a wide frequency range. This makes the material suitable for broadband applications.

The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of R04000 series materials also brings several benefits to circuit designers. Because its thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of copper, it can provide optimum dimensional stability. This is especially important for multilayer circuit design. Even in strict thermal shock applications, the low Z-axis CTE expansion coefficient of R04000 series materials ensures the quality of the through holes in the plate. Due to its Tg value greater than 280°C (536T), good dimensional stability is guaranteed throughout the sheet processing process.

The processing technology and process of R04000 series materials are basically similar to that of ordinary FR4 plates. Unlike ptFE-based materials, the R04000 series does not require through-hole pretreatment processes such as sodium etching. It is also a rigid, thermosetting material that can be processed using an automated process system and a copper surface preconditioning mill.

Features Of RO4000 Series Materials

• The PTFE

• Low loss, low tolerance and excellent high frequency performance

• Stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies

• Low dielectric constant temperature coefficient

• Low z-axis thermal expansion coefficient

• Low in-board expansion coefficient

• Excellent dimensional stability

• Easy mass production

Some Typical Applications Of Rogers PCB

• Satellite TV LNB

• Microstrip lines, cell base station antennas and power amplifiers

• Spread spectrum communication system

• RFID tags