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2 Layer ENIG F4B PCB

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Layers: 2
Thickness:1.0 mm
Min. hole diameter: 0.8mm
Surface finish: ENIG
Minimum Line W/S:6/6mil
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2 Layer ENIG F4B PCB Details

High Frequency PCB Materials

For high frequency plates such as wireless applications with data transmission frequencies above GHz, materials have special requirements:

  • A variety of dielectric constants are available

  • Effective signal transmission attenuation is low

  • Uniform structure, small tolerance of insulation thickness and dielectric constant

The Huihe Circuits use high frequency materials with improved dielectric properties, which have very low loss factor, low dielectric constant, and so on. These parameters vary very little with temperature and frequency. Other properties include high vitrification transition temperature, good heat resistance, and very low hydrophilicity.


PTFE (commonly known as Teflon) is an ideal dielectric for RF applications, but it is not easily compatible with the conventional dielectric FR4 in PCB manufacturing. Ceramic dielectric is the most commonly used dielectric material in multilayer PCB. It can be used as a separate dielectric layer in special applications and as an inner dielectric layer in FR4 laminated structure in conventional applications.

Many RF signal layers of RF design have large non copper filled areas after etching. PCB manufacturers will use different technologies to ensure sufficient insulation between different conductive layers and consistent thickness.

In general, FR4 prepreg without glue is the best solution to keep the thickness uniform, but it will change the electrical performance of the whole package. Not all PCB manufacturers have the same manufacturing process, but they are different. Therefore, it is very important for PCB manufacturers to participate in the circuit design project at the early stage of design to ensure the success of the project.

Applications Of High Frequency PCB

High-frequency PCB used in mobile communications, wireless base stations, radar, automotive collision avoidance radar, intelligent charging system, radio tags, intelligent wireless remote control, advanced high-speed digital circuit, chip packaging, ATE, new energy, medical, mobile multimedia, broadcasting and television transmitter, cable television, wireless charging, RFID, ETC, unmanned aerial vehicles and other fields.