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2 Layer ENIG F4B PCB

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Layers: 2
Surface finish: ENIG
Minimum Line W:35mil
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About F4B PCB Materials

F4B is made of glass cloth, semi-solidified sheet and polytetrafluoroethylene resin by scientific preparation and strict technology. Compared with F4B series, its electrical performance has been improved, mainly including wider dielectric constant range, lower dielectric loss Angle tangent value, higher resistance value and more stable performance.

Design Of High Frequency Printed Circuit Board(PCB)

The key factors affecting the impedance of hf circuit boards are the geometry of conductor lines, the lamination structure, and the dielectric constant (DK) and dielectric loss (Df) of the materials used. Huihe Circuits assist you to immediately start the design phase of the HF circuit board, including selecting the appropriate substrate, determining wire width and spacing, and calculating impedance.