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2 Layer ENIG Arlon PCB Ad350

Layers: 2
Surface Treatment:ENIG
Size: 180*60mm
Materials:Arlon PCB AD350A
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Arlon PCB material

Arlon PCB factory commonly used materials are Arlon PCB AD255, Arlon PCB C03099, Arlon PCB AD255, Arlon PCB C06099, Arlon PCB AD255, Arlon PCB C04099, Arlon PCB AD300, Arlon PCB C03099, Arlon PCB AD300, Arlon PCB C06009, Arlon PCB TC600, Arlon PCB AD250, Arlon PCB CO2055C, Arlon PCB TC350, Arlon PCB MCG300CG, Arlon PCB DCL220, Arlon PCB CUCLAD 217LX, Arlon PCB CUCLAD250Gx, Arlon PCB 55NT.Microwave material is also a kind of Arlon PCB material.

Arlon PCB offers a wide range of high speed PCB and high frequency PCB electronic materials to PCB manufacturers. Arlon PCB manufactures thermosetting polymers based on polyimide and ceramic fillers based on Teflon and other high performance materials. Arlon PCB material plays an important role in microwave laminates of PTFE, polyimide laminates and special epoxy resin laminates. Arlon PCB material laminates products with more specialized electrical, thermal and mechanical and other performance characteristics than traditional standard FR-4 materials.

Arlon PCB material application

With the rapid development of high technology, arlon PCB material is applied in locomotive, rail transit, electric renewable energy, lighting equipment and inverter power supply, defense industry equipment, vehicle communication, vehicle entertainment, Internet of vehicles, industrial automation, smart home, industrial equipment control and other products. In addition to the above overview, arlon PCB material is also used in consumer electronics, new energy systems, communications equipment, Internet of Things, storage, security systems, power amplifiers, filters and couplers, tower amplifiers (Tmas) and tower superchargers (TMB), thermal loop antennas sensitive to dielectric drift, microwave multiplexers and power dividers.