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6 Layer ENIG FR4+Arlon PCB

Arlon PCB, Rogers PCB, F4B PCB, Taconic PCB, Hybrid PCB, High Speed PCB, High Frequency PCB
Layers: 6
Materials:FR4+Arlon PCB
Min. hole diameter: 0.4mm
Surface Treatment:ENIG
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6 Layer ENIG FR4+Arlon PCB Details

Arlon PCB material classification

Arlon PCB material contains highly reliable polyimide and is mainly used in PCB boards with high temperature and operating environment requirements, such as control systems for aeronautical equipment, transistor burn-in testing, oil drilling and processing of high-rise PCB boards. Arlon PCB material has the highest glass transition temperature (tg250c) and extremely high cracking temperature (TD 380c).

Arlon PCB material's Thermount has excellent dimensional stability (CTE) and is suitable for bare chip packaging. Due to arlon PCB material thermount's nonwoven resin fiber properties, it is ideally suited for high density laser drilling. Arlon PCB material's Thermount is widely used in electronic products with high requirements and high reliability, such as high-end packaging substrates, navigation systems, etc.

Arlon PCB material's no flow (47N, 49n, 99n) series is applied to rigid and flexible bonded plates and cooling plates, widely used in automotive and high-power fields. Arlon PCB material thermal conductivity series (99n, 99ml) also has more application prospects in LED and high power supplies. The Arlon PCB material 11n developed in recent years has 220tg and 310td, which are used in high speed backboard, digital/analog mixed station microwave communication, transistor testing and other products.

Arlon PCB manufacturer

Our company specializes in the manufacturer of Rogers High frequency board, Taconic Tecony, F4BME High frequency board, arlon PCB, RF board, microwave board, high frequency circuit board, high frequency microwave board, microwave RF board, microwave radar induction. Arlon PCB manufacturer has set up a professional automation equipment, set up an experienced engineering team, and has a sound quality control system, so as to establish guarantee for customers' products and reduce losses.

The high frequency printed circuit board(PCB) with induction heating technology has been widely used in communication industry, network technology and high-speed information processing system, which meets the requirements of many high-precision parameter instruments. Widely used in various industries for precision metal material heating processing needs of high-frequency circuit boards,In the process of his field,Not only can realize the heating of parts of different depths, but also can focus on the local characteristics of heating,No matter surface or deep, concentrated or dispersed heating methods can be easily completed.

RF Materials By Application

Special printed circuit board(PCB) with high electromagnetic frequency, frequency above 1GHz,The requirements of physical performance, accuracy and technical parameters are very high. They are often used in satellite systems, mobile phone receiving base stations and other communication products. RF boards have many different applications, including wireless technology, smart phones, sensors, robots and security. With the emergence of new technologies that break through the electronic limit, the demand for RF boards is also increasing.

RF ApplicationRF MaterialsBonding MaterialsAttributes
Consumer ElectronicsRO3006、RO3010、RO4835RO3000 Series、Bondply、2929 BondplyCost effective with dependable electrical and thermal characteristics
Military/SpaceRT/Duroid、RO4000RO4450B/RO4450FThe best in electrical and thermal performance and environmental durability
High Power Applications6035HTC、XT/Duroid-
Superior thermal management
MedicalRO4350BRO4400 Bondply/2929 BondplyVersatile high performance properties to suit a range of device types
AutomotiveRO3003、RO4000、RO4350BRO4400 BondplyExcellent electrical performance compatible with standard manufacturing process
IndustrialRO4835、RO4350B、XT/Duroid2929 Bondply、RO4400 BondplyExcellent durability and environmental resistances, including oxidation