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4 Layer ENIG Arlon Ad255+Rogers 4003 PCB

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Layers: 4
Surface Treatment:ENIG
Minimum Line W/S:7/6mil
Min. hole diameter: 0.5mm
Materials:Arlon AD255+Rogers RO4003C
4 Layer ENIG Arlon Ad255+Rogers 4003 PCB Products Inquiry

4 Layer ENIG Arlon Ad255+Rogers 4003 PCB Details

Arlon PCB

Arlon PCB supplies with a wide range of high-speed PCB and high-frequency PCB electronic materials. Arlon manufactures compact resins and other high performance products for thermosetting products based on polyimide, as well as Teflon based products such as ceramic fillers and other high performance products.


Arlon has over 50 years of experience in PTFE-based microwave lip laminates and over 30 years of experience in polyimide laminates and special epoxy laminates. Compared to the traditional standard FR-4 data, its laminated products have more specialized power and are widely applicable to a variety of printed circuit board (PCB) applications and other special markets, positioning Rogers in communications infrastructure, automotive, aerospace and defense.

Materials Of Arlon PCB 

Electronic materials include high reliability polyimide (33N, 35N, 85N), mainly used for high temperature and environmental requirements of PCB, such as aviation and aerospace equipment control system, transistor aging test, oil drilling and other fields, and very high level PCB processing. This data has the highest glass transition temperature (TG250C) and the highest cracking temperature (TD 380C).


Arlon PCB's No Flow (47N, 49N, 99N) series are used for rigid and flexible bonding and cooling plates. Widely used in automotive and high-power fields. Arlon PCB thermal conductivity series (99N, 99ml) data also have a good application prospect in LED and high power supply. The 11N data developed in recent years are 220TG and 310TD. It also has a good application prospect in high-speed backplane, digital - analog hybrid microwave communication and other products.

Arlon PCB manufacturers common materials are the following:

AD255、C03099、C06099、C04099、AD300、C04099、TC600、AD250、CO2055C、TC350、MCG300CG、DCL220、CUCLAD、217LX、CUCLAD 250Gx、ARLON 55NT

 Features Of Arlon PCB Materials

Arlon PCB materials have different characteristics due to the different types of materials belonging to the Arlon polyimide products, low mobility products, epoxy products, and SMT or controlled thermal expansion product material categories. However, before addressing some product-specific attributes, it is important to acknowledge that all Arlon products have characteristics in common. Such attributes include the following.

High glass transition temperature. All Arlon printed circuit board materials, whether Arlon laminates, Arlon fabrics or other integrated circuit materials, have high glass transition temperature properties. To put this into perspective, remember that the glass transition means a stable and reversible change of an amorphous substance from a tough and fragile glassy state to a rubbery or viscous state when the temperature is raised.

Low loss dielectric thermosetting materials. All Arlon PCBS are low-loss thermosetting materials, which means they do not heat up quickly when operating at high RF. An excellent material in this category includes polyimide, silicone or PTFE, and other material types.

Polyimide. In this case, it is an Arlon polymer consisting of imide monomers under the category of high-performance plastics. This high heat resistance enables the material to be deployed in a variety of applications requiring robust organic components. Because of this, it is deployed in high temperature displays, fuel cells, military applications and more.

However, each Arlon pcb material has a specific material product, and each material has specific properties. Therefore, if you are designing Arlon printed circuit boards, there is no escaping the significance of knowing these specific Arlon PCB materials and their corresponding properties to ensure Arlon PCB quality and functionality.

Arlon PCB Manufacturing Services

Arlon PCB Materials for Electronics (MED) is a division of Arlon LLC, a leading manufacturer of specialty high-performance laminates and prepreg materials for a variety of PCB (printed circuit board) applications. These applications typically require laminates with special electrical, thermal, mechanical, or other performance characteristics that exceed those of conventional standard FR-4 materials.

Arlon electronic substrates focus on thermosetting resin technology including polyimide, high Tg multifunctional epoxy and low loss thermosetting laminates and prepreg systems. These resin systems can be used on a variety of substrates, including woven glass and non-woven arylon. Typical applications of these materials include advanced commercial and military electronics, such as avionics, semiconductor testing, heat sink bonding, high density interconnect (HDI), and microporous PCBS (i.e., mobile communications products).

Focusing on fluoropolymer (i.e. PTFE), ceramic filled fluoropolymer, and low loss ceramic hydrocarbon thermosetting laminates, Arlon Microwave Materials provides electrical performance systems required for frequency-related circuit applications such as base station antennas, phased array radar, power amplifier boards, and communications. And a variety of different antenna applications. One exciting product is a low-loss version of the CLTE called CLTE-XT. Clte-xt has the lowest loss, the lowest thermal expansion, the highest phase stability and the lowest moisture absorption among similar products. Request an Arlon PCB quote immediately!