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What are the difficulties of HDI production technology?

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Under the background of 5G, the overall development trend of consumer electronics is moving towards high intelligence, lightweight and portable S-type. As electronic products are updated and iterated faster and faster, electronic design is constantly improving the performance of the whole machine, but also trying to reduce its size.

High Density integration (HDI) technology enables end product designs to be more miniaturized while meeting higher standards of electronic performance and efficiency. HDI is widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, laptop computers, automotive electronics and other digital products, among which mobile phones are the most widely used.

Mobile phone is the most widely used field of HDI. With the upgrade of mobile phone motherboard, the value of HDI motherboard is also increased.

But on the production end, the HDI circuit board manufacturers need to solve the following problems:


  • The thickness of electroplating process should be uniform; 

  • High current density is used on thin base copper plate to adopt the plating standard and the plating copper layer thickness is uniform;

  • In view of the through hole and microhole of HDI, the bath is required to have good dispersion.

  • According to the HDI through hole and micro hole, the minimum concave degree in the same bath is required.

  • Output can be improved by optimizing equipment and current density;

  • No copper surface layer serious pollution, coating finish is small, bath serious pollution is small;

  • The optimized bath can control the base copper in the range of 1 ~ 5 μm;

Since the electroplating process has an important influence on the performance of PCB products, especially HDI products, it is very important to control the electroplating uniformity. With the emergence of higher demand and market for HDI, PCB manufacturers are becoming more and more cautious in the selection of plating equipment.

At present, the main types of printed circuit board products are multi-layer board, HDI board, flexible board, rigid flexible board and so on. Overall, the rigid board is the main product type, wherein the multi-layer board products account for more than 45%, single and double panels account for about 15%; The proportion of HDI board is close to 20%, and that of flexible board is about 15%. It is expected that there is a wide space for improvement in the future. It is believed that with the gradual volume of HDI and other high-performance products market, such manufacturers focusing on middle and high-end PCB products will embrace greater development opportunities.