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Circuit board factory workshop staff is busy, but the efficiency is low, what are the reasons?

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Most circuit board factories sometimes have this phenomenon, everyone in the factory is very busy, every department is busy, but the overall efficiency often fails to reach the target, and it is difficult to find out the reason, I do not know how to improve? The reasons are analyzed from eight aspects as follows:

Process to be improved

The low efficiency of an enterprise should first check whether the process of the enterprise is reasonable, concise, efficient, and whether there is a place for improvement, how much improvement is possible.

Weak institutional support

After checking the process, check the system. If there is nothing wrong with the process, then check whether the management system facilitates the implementation of the process, whether the system really supports the process, and whether the system is sound and complete.

Maybe there is a good process system, but the service management system and business management system do not support the process system, because of the mutual constraints and contradictions between the system, resulting in loopholes; Whether the system is formulated with full respect for humanistic feelings, whether it is too strict, heavy punishment equals no punishment, everyone tries to exploit the loopholes of the system, and even the collective confrontation system, when the system is too loose, the binding force is not enough.

Inadequate supervision

Although the enterprise has a good process and comprehensive management system, there is no supervision or ineffective supervision, inadequate supervision, offside supervision, backward supervision means, and questionable quality of supervision personnel, which will greatly reduce the operation efficiency of the entire organization system.

Both process and system are rigid, while regulation is flexible. Supervision must act in accordance with principles. If regulators do not act in accordance with principles and act unfairly, people's loyalty to process and system will be greatly reduced. The low quality of regulators, who do not know how to regulate, what to regulate and how to regulate, will inevitably lead to weak supervision.

Regulation will lead to don't know what everyone is busy, is busy, busy is necessary, whether in real busy, or busy to the point, or regulation is too strict and rigid, don't know principle and flexible combination, backward management system, to cling to outdated so would greatly restrict people's enthusiasm and creativity.

Business executives have limited managerial abilities

As companies senior management ability is limited, do not have strategic layout, organizing not tactical command scheduling coordination, more can't very well know people, choose and employ persons, fail to make full use of limited resources effectively, can't do enemy and know yourself, can cause in the wrong time, wrong place, wrong battle with excellent soldiers and, failure is inevitable.

As the director of the enterprise, especially the senior director, do not let employees do nothing to work, you know that a directive will be conveyed to the grassroots, employees at all levels will be busy for your instructions, busy for a long time no effect, is the work of inaction, even wrong, negative work.

If the leader is afraid to take responsibility, imagine how bad it will be! If you do this too often, your employees get bored; Still have a kind of situation is constantly changing, as a business executive, not carefully before making decisions, or decision-making is not enough, or influenced by soft, made a decision issued instructions and then feel the original decision is not good, want to change decision, then a decision in the process of being implemented, casual,, random, random changes at any time, lead to the casual culture of the enterprise, started the subordinate is uncomfortable, Time grew to feel out the personality of boss and act style, although boss issued a command, fear boss modify instruction, begin to feint then and not really move, boss see subordinate in moving also satisfied, but it is tardy result, without efficiency.

The professional quality of the staff is not high

Professional awareness is the most important. What is professional awareness? That is, the person who is in a professional position should know what he should do and how to do, which is why college students just graduated, do not know what to do and how to do the reason, because they have never participated in the work, so it is impossible to have more professional consciousness.

An excellent employee, its work efficiency may be twice, three times, even 10 times more than the average employee, more importantly, the quality of work is not the same, ordinary employees in a short period of time no matter how diligent and hard it is more difficult to surpass the excellent employee.

Of course, under the control of long-term average thought, the treatment is the same, those excellent employees will gradually lose, settle down to the general employees, the overall efficiency of the enterprise will be reduced. The best solution is to train and bring in good employees and widen the pay gap appropriately.

Enterprise strategic positioning and direction have problems

Enterprises in the strategic direction of the error and strategic direction is not clear. If the strategic direction is wrong, no matter how busy employees are, it may also be negative efficiency and negative efficiency; If the strategic direction is vacillating, alternately left and right, although the employees are busy, but do repeated labor and unnecessary labor, so there is no efficiency.

The technical means do not match

We are all very busy and tired, but the main reason for the overall low efficiency is the problem of technical means. Generally speaking, advanced production equipment is naturally high efficiency. Especially in the manufacturing industry, the advanced equipment is not only efficient but also guaranteed the quality of work; More importantly, the equipment is too backward will affect people's emotions, and people's emotions are contagious, and then affect people's work enthusiasm.

Of course, when the technical means are too advanced, it will also limit the internal work efficiency of the enterprise, because the enterprise environment does not support the operation of the equipment, affecting the normal working energy of the equipment. Therefore, any production technology equipment must be placed in accordance with the environment, supporting to play a role.